The ultimate recycling project that rewards YOU for doing your part

What we are aiming to do, in a nut-shell

Eco-Earth is an idea. To recycle everything and to reduce our waste culture, turning it more into a community event. Not only is Eco-Earth a 100% free service it also rewards you for taking part.

Simply sign up on our website, download your barcode, and begin placing said bar code on every bin bag you throw out. Each bag of rubbish is worth between 70 – 100 points. These points are added to your account and can be used to buy all sorts of goods: from old books – to TVs and laptops.

In order for us to process the volume of rubbish required to pull this off, we are launching a fundraiser event starting on 13th May 2019 and will end on October 13th 2019.

We are aiming for £700,000 in order to buy the storage / equipment to make Eco-Earth a reaility. For a breakdown of how we intend to use those funds you can see the Eco-Earth funds breakdown page

The Ultimate Recycling Project

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How does it work?

A break down of how Eco-Earth: Operation CleanUp works

1. Sign up

Upon signing up you are given a unique bar code, which you can then place on all rubbish bags and collect 'points' Remember we are 100% FREE!

2. Collect points

The more you recycle through us, the more points you collect. You can use these points in our store to buy all sorts of amazing goodies.

3. Get freebies

We have monthly cash give-a-ways and prize draws, all you need to do to qualify is recycle through us! Remember it is all 100% FREE!

Pictures taken from around the world

Every single piece of rubbish is like a mini hand granade. 1 plastic bottle will last for 450 years, choking and killing marine life time and time again.

We can't do this amazing work -- without your help

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