What will happen — If The Campaign fails

We are under no delusion — raising £700,000 is not an easy feat, and will require proper planning and care. It will be quite a challenge.

Our campagin will run for six months, starting from May 9th 2019. During that time anyone can donate and pick a required ‘perk’ up until the final day. All funds will be captured via PayPal but not taken, until the total £700,000 goal is fulfilled. If it is not, then the campagin will fail and no funds, or perks will be processed.

In short, it is all or nothing — if we, for example only get £350,000 — the campagin will still fail and no one will be charged. We have set it up this way because £700,000 is the bare minimum we require to make this project work, so we see no point in keeping donations if we are unable to fulfil our promise.

For your piece of mind, we will only be accepting PayPal, its secure and traceable. All perks will be processed at the back end of the year (December) we will then begin shipping further next year (2020) as always, we will do everything in our power to keep everyone in the look in regards to Eco-Earth: Operation CleanUp, and perks.

If you do have any concerns my contact number and email can be found (as always) on the contact page.

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