Who we are

Eco-Earth is an idea set up by Tom (thats me on the right) to help address a massive, growing global problem — human waste. We produce 2.12 billion tonnes a year, or 249,000 tonnes a minute. Less than 25% of this is recycled, and 8 million tonnes of it ends up in our sea. By 2050 we will have more plastic in our sea than fish. Is that a world you want to live in?

Eco-Earth is a free service, which rewards you for recycling though us by giving out points. These points are then added to your account and can be used to buy anything from tables and chairs to clothes and laptops.


Want to learn more? See video below!

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In order for Eco-Earth to work, we need to raise £700,000 to buy the storage unit required to process all that waste. We need your help to make Eco-Earth a reality. Not only will you get awesome perks for helping us you will also be helping to tackle a huge global issue.

Why Eco-Earth?

  • 100% Free service.
  • We recycle everything! Old paint, car tires and even mirrors.
  • Points awarded for every bag of rubbish you recycle.
  • Can spend points on awesome goodies.
  •  Not-for-profit so we can focus on our task.

Why we all benefit

  • Longterm goal is to work with the councils — reducing your council tax.
  • Cleaner streets and sea.
  • Generates more jobs in the recycling sector.
  •  All food we grow via recycled compost is donated to homless shelters.
  •  Long term goal to be a global force reducing worldwide waste


To spread awareness of the impact we can do as a nation. To be more aware of the consequences we all have on our planet as individuals. To work with nature, not against it -- and most importantly to get as many people involved as possible.


Become a global recycling charity, accepting and processing all types of rubbish from industrial to househouse waste. To ensure nothing is ever thrown away, and above all - to promote and encourge sustainable packaging.


To provide an honest, transparent service. Listen to feedback and strive to improve. To be professional and friendly with dedicated and approchable customer support. To always be a free service and stick to our vision of keeping our home clean.