Why care

The greatest threat to our planet is the believe, that someone else will save it

–Robert Swan

Eco-Earth is a charity idea, created by Thomas Rogers to address the problem that no one wants to talk about. Us. More specifically, our waste. Every year the UK throws out 30 million tonnes of rubbish, only 16% of this is recycled.

Globally, we produce 2.12 billion tonnes of rubbish, every year. Thats 249,000 every single minute. This is a serious issue, that no one is talking about. Why is this such a big deal? Our waste is having a massive, negative impact on the world around us. Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic goes into our sea; choking marine life, and destorying vital eco-systems — that WE relie on.

Not only is there a plastic island floating around in the sea, there is also the problem of what happens to plastic when it breaks down. They mimic estrogen. This is a big deal, because this plastic is pumping the toxin into our seas, and being absorbed by marine life, including fish — which we eat. These toxins are then passed onto us through the fish. The scary thing being no one knows what the long term effect of eating genetically modified fish will have on us, or the oceans of which they came.

So why do I care? Because not enough is being done to address this huge, silent problem. Humans are the kings of the Earth, and that role comes with massive amounts of responsibility, responsibility that we all share as individuals. This is as much our problem, as it is the governments, because we all live here. We, for the first time in our planets history, have the power to destory everything with the press of a button. It all starts with YOU — the plastic bottle you threw away, that single bottle, where will it go? Every piece of rubbish out there in our sea is a mini hand granade and one of you, put it there in the first place.