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Keeping our sea and lands clean, we aim to recycle everything and rewarding people for doing so.

Eco-Earth: Operation CleanUp

by Thomas Rogers

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Thomas Rogers

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Campaign Story

*Donations will only be claimed if the goal is reached, if not – no funds will be taken. This also applies to some of the perk rewards as well.


ECO-EARTH: OPERATION CLEAN UP is a huge project and ambition, with the sole purpose of collecting, and recycling everything — yep, everything. Our longterm goal is to be able to become a worldwide charity working with buisness and other charities to not only reduce waste but help bring out more sustainable and eco friendly alternatives to waste / packaging. We aim to get established locally first, before we branch out across the UK (and the world) as we believe this is the best way to settle and grow organically without any issues.

How does it work? — Every village / town will have a local ‘drop box’ where you can deposit your rubbish, this will then be collected, and processed by us. Everything that can be recycled will be, anything that can’t will be salvaged, broken down or turned into new products. In order to keep costs as low as possible, we will be supplying special household bins sectioned off i.e. paper, food, plastic etc… this will remove the need for expensive multi million pound machinery, it’ll save space and energy.

What do I get out of this? – Everyone taking part will get a unique bar code which they will place on the bag when it is thrown into the unit, this code is automatically scanned and points (which we call ‘salvage’ points) are added to your online account (a sort of shop) here, you can spend these points on new gear, offers, discounts and other nifty rewards — you can even redeem the points for money.

Do you except / recycle — everything? Pretty much. Anything the law will allow us to take, we will take it. Old paint, old oil, tires, garden waste etc… etc… we will take it, and we will reward you (with points) for it. We won’t throw anything away. A creative mind can turn useless junk into new and exciting things. Rotten meat can be turned into fuel / gas, old paint can be treated and re-used, old tires can be shredded and turned into playground surfaces. Anything you have, we will find a use for it.

Why are we here?  – I take no plessure in being here, but the sad reaility is we will never be able (unless I got very lucky with the lotto) to raise the funds required to pull this operation off. In the past, I have tried on a smaller scale to do this, however storage quickly becomes an issue. 85% of these funds will be going directly into a storage unit allowing us to process / sort the waste, while the rest of the funds will secure basic equipment. I have considered going directly to investors / loan companies, but my big fear is Eco-Earth becoming a front for profit — which is never what I intended it to be, Eco-Earth is a charity with a service to keeping our world clean.

In the future we do intend to work with councils  directly, meaning all your waste would be collected via the rubbish collection service and delivered to us, removing the need for a drop box — however to keep things as bare as possible, and as cheap as possible (until we can grow and ‘fill our boots’ so to speak) the drop box is the better option.

We also intend to work with buisnesses to help promote sustainable, cost effective eco packaging — while also treating their waste, without it going to landfil or the incinerator but for now we are focusing on house hold waste.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for every single donation, and consider it my sole responsibility to ensure every penny goes as far as possible. I also believe it is your right to know where / what the funds are going towards before, and after the campagin. That is why I will be keeping everyone updated on a regular basis on what is going on.


Basic breakdown of the funds

  • £620,000 – will go towards a local storage unit, nothing fancy — enough for us to do the job required.
  • £35,000 – Fee taken by Paypal and the payment processing company, for allowing us to use their services.
  • £20,000 – Will be put into a craft center, allowing us to buy basic supplies and tools. This area will be where anything that can’t be recycled will be salvaged and repurposed.
  • £2,000 – Will be spent on our automatic barcode system, which will update your account (our website) with your new point balance everytime we collect your rubbish.
  • £1,000 – Goes towards supplying our first local drop bin, I have funds in place to secure the remaining, roughly £3,000 in total.
  • £300 – Keeps us stocked with boxes, tape and bailing supplies to allow us to process and arrange collection for scrap / goods to be recycled
  • £200 – To kick us off, we will pre-stock the shop with some basic items / discounts etc… as well as some donated goods. Once we get more established our store will focus more on donated goods, rather than buying things in. However for now, we need to ‘bulk’ out the store a little.
  • £20,000 – Will go to our secondary project. Primarily this will pay for land and farming equipment. This will also be an outlet for our compost to grow seasonal fruit and vegetables which will be given to local schools / poor / food banks, and of course you guys.
  • £2,000 – Spent on solicitors fees
  • FREE – dodging roughly £3000 in web design fees, our website and points system is already in place and ready to go.
  • FREE – customer support volunteers, and a helpline / email.
  • FREE – Internet, computer access and utility payments we will sponge up.
  • FREE – Licence fees and council fees / rent (for drop off bin) will be something I am able to soak up.
  • FREE – Myself and a small team of volenteers will set up a local industrial compost (with the councils permission) on site.
  • FREE – Donated containers, pallets and transport aka A van, to help collect and empty the ‘drop off points’ daily in order to reduce risk of vermin we aim to collect atleast once (if not twice) a day

If we get over-funded – In the case we go over our fund limit, I will keep you all posted on where / what the money goes to. It is likely if we do get any extra funds it will go to either better equipment (i.e. 3D printers, containers etc…) or be used to help pay Volenteers, however if this happens I will keep you all in the loop.

With all that said guys, thank you so much for your support — I mean that, from the heart. It has always been my passion and hope that we can address the plastic crisis and I will happily go to the front line if it means a cleaner, better Earth.

*Want to credit: Sea Turtle Biologist (for use of their video, do amazing work as well), CNN (for the documentry footage on midway), Cedar Gtove Composting (for ideas, help / support — and use of their footage), Van Dyk – Recycling soloutions (for help, support and use of their video), cecilialee (for being kind enough to do the voice over on my video)

*Special thanks to: The Ocean Clean Up Project — for doing amazing work and helping to keep our oceans clean.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up on our website to obtain a unique barcode.
  2. Each bag of rubbish you throw out (separated into food and non-food waste) is tagged with this unique barcode and thrown into our collection bins
  3. We collect and scan the bags, rewarding points to your online account for each bag
  4. Points can be used on our online store to buy new gear. Anything we can’t recycle (i.e mirrors, old paint etc…) will be broken down in our crafts center and turned into new items. Anything donated to us will be salvaged or repaired. All these items will be listed on our website for you to buy with points and can range from electrical goods, old phones etc…. to books and furniture.

What do we do with your rubbish?

  1. Twice a week we empty the collection bins; scan and process each bag.
  2. Food waste is sent to be composted, while non-food waste is sorted into ‘recycled’ goods and ‘non-recycled’ goods
  3. All goods that can be recycled will be sold on as scrap
  4. All goods we can’t recycle will be broken down, cleaned and re-processed into new goods

All goods we recycle will be bailed up on site, stored and collected. We expect our storage unit to fill up pretty quickly (hence the need for the space) the recycling lorries will only collect the waste when a specific amount is weighed in (around 20 tons)

How do you re-purpose goods that can’t be recycled?

– Mixed, or damaged plastic (that can’t be recycled) will be melted down into bricks. These bricks will then be used for construction (based on size of brick) from chairs and tables to plastic sheds.

– Old paint will be heated, treated and used in our projects as paint.

– Old mirrors will be either repaired and re-sold on our store, or broken down into shards for our projects

– Bones / meat – Bones will be broken down for plant food, rotten / decayed meat

– Styrofoam will be melted down and used as packing for our projects.

– Take away boxes – can’t be recycled due to ‘oil’ on box — we cut them up and compost this material.

– Some glass (i.e. ceramics) can’t be recycled – depending on their condition (broken or not) we either use the bottles in our projects or smash them down into pellets.

– Batteries – A new field in recycling, all batteries are sent to be broken down and stripped for metal / plastic.

– Coated ‘paper’ (i.e coffee cups) can’t be recycled as the coating is ‘plastic’ we cut these down into shards and use them in our projects.

– Listing everything will be impossible — however, if it is safe to do so – we will find a use for it. At the moment we are only processing house-hold waste in this project due to the ‘mine-field’ which is commercial waste.




Special thank you from us, and access to our Discord chat where regular updates will be posted and I will be to answer any questions directly during the project. You will also be entitled to full invoices (if successful) which will be emailed to all backers so you can see where the money is going.

June, 2019

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We will do a facebook shoutout of your donation, your name will also be added to our website as a constant reminder of the help you gave us. Finally (if successful) you will be credited 1,500 eco-earth points to spend on our website when we go live.

June, 2019

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We will call you out in our success video (if successful) You will also be credited 5,000 eco earth points to spend on our website when we go live (never expire)

June, 2019

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Once we have our main base / werehouse - a monument will be placed at the front baring all the names of our donors as a constant reminder of the part you played. You will also be listed on our website (if requested) you will also be invited to our monthly meetings to see what we are upto (free tea and food) can't attend? Live broadcasting via Skype will also be open to you.

November, 2019

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Our gift box includes custom made, eco friendly, all natural cosmetics made by us. This hand-made bundle comes exclusively from Eco-Earth, a green cosmetic company which I founded in 2007. Made with 100% natural herbs and oils and perfected in glass containers. Contents include: Handmade Shea Skin Creamrn, Handmade Room sprayrn, Custom reed diffuser, Lip Balm, Shea & Cocoa Shaving Cream all inflused with oils of your choice.

November, 2019

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Every week you'll be entitled to our finest compost, totally free (up to 5 kg a week) this will be on-going and must be requested each week (shipping fees apply) Every month we will also send you a small box of treats made on our local farm (themed) -- this will be every month and always be free! Bare in mind standard shipping has to be paid for us to send the contents to you -- or you can collect directly from us if you are local.

November, 2019

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You will be invited to our celebration party. It won't be anything wild; just dinner, mingling and a few speeches and thank yous. It'll be a relaxing, no pressure meet up where I will be to welcome you all personally. You'll need your own transport as the event is likely to be held in the west midlands area, so bare that in mind! Every guest will also get their very own customized gift box which contains your own distilled perfume or aftershave made from pure plant based essential oils (please allow us a few months to custom make this to your requirements) as well as: Handmade Shea Skin Cream, Handmade Room spray, Lip Balm & Shea & Cocoa Shaving Cream.

February, 2020

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You will be given your own exclusive patch (roughly 5m x 5m) - where you will be able to grow whatever you desire. This will be a rolling lease agreement - set at £0 for 6 years, rising to £20 month after. Too far away, or simply don't have the time? No problem. Tell us what you want and we will maintain it for you, be that flowers or fruit / veg. We will also happily box and ship off any seasonal crops at your request. You will also have access to our cafe (on site) totally free! Tools and compost also will free free (during open hours)Doesn't stop there though! Your own private office (on a lease agreement of £0, rolling) built and maintained by us. You will also be a V.I.P and have a say in all Eco-Earth operations and ideas. You can come and go to the office whenever you want. It'll have access to the internet, power, heating and basic office supplies. If visiting from another part of the UK, we will cover travelling expenses (up to £100) 3 times a year. This is a big give-a-way, and will put you in the very center of what we do. Exclusive access to all salvaged / donated gear (i.e. fixed laptops, chairs, tables etc...) totally free. Free meals will also be offered on site.

April, 2020

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