Challenge Jar – what you need to know

The challenge jar is structured in a very similar way to the creative jar, however instead of making something from a list: you are creating something from a list.

The goal of this jar is to collect every single item on the list, take a photo and send it to us via the contact details inside the jar. There are 4 main prizes with the final prize given out to everyone else who manages to complete the jar (see prize table below)

First person to complete list£100 (+3,000 salvage)
Second person to complete list£40 (+2,000 salvage)
Third person to complete list4,000 salvage
Forth person to complete list3,000 salvage
*All others2,000 salvage
*Forfeit code1,500 salvage

Think of this more as a ‘race’ the main prizes will be given out in order from first to fourth based on who completes the jar first. The jar will not reset until all main prizes have been claimed, for this reason we suggest you keep an eye on the forums to see which of the main prizes have been claimed. If all main prizes have been claimed you can still submit your entry for credit (2,000 salvage) or you can use the ‘forfeit’ code found inside the jar to be given 1,500 salvage. Please bare in mind using the forfeit code will void any chance of winning any of the main prizes so use it carefully!

The challenge jar will contain a list of 20 items, these items may require you to do a bit of ‘outside-the-box’ thinking and can vary from pink string to a yellow stone. The only rule of this jar is that every item you collect should match up to what the list inside the jar is asking for. You may, for example use paint to make a stone ‘pink’ if required as long as the item matches the list.

Click here to check out the challenge jar

Remember prizes are given out based on a first come, first serve basis. Once all main prizes have been claimed the jar will reset, and so will the list / main prizes. Keep an eye on our forums / Facebook for updates.

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