How to complain

If something has gone wrong, you have a concern or you simply disagree with how things are done here at then you can submit a complaint to us via the contact us page. Please ensure you give us as much information to work with as possible and allow us 7 working days to process the complaint.

We will then contact you back and try to work through your complaint, and – if possible make any changes / amendments to get it sorted out. If we are unable to resolve the complaint or you are simply not happy with our response you can take it to a higher level depending on the nature of the complaint.

  • Trading standards – If you have a concern or issue with our goods or services.
  • – If you feel we are breaking laws or regulations
  • Citizens advice – If you want to make a generally inquiry or get advise from a third party not linked to

Our promise to you

We aim to treat every complaint extremely seriously and process each one with logic, reason and understanding in a non bias and fair manner. We do this by ensuring we do our utmost to ensure the complaint is resolved by looking into each case in detail and making sure you are happy with our solution at the end of the process. Our primary way of contact during a pending complaint will be via email, however if you wish we can contact you directly via phone or post if required.