Creative Jar – what you need to know

The creative jar is structured more as a competition with 4 main prizes, and a final prize for all other entries (see prize table below)

The aim of this jar is to be as creative as possible, using the list of ‘junk’ items found inside the jar to create something amazing. The list of items can range from anything from a plastic bottle lid to a cardboard box. You can be as wild, or crazy as you like in your creation – the only rule is, only items on the list are allowed. You can however use ‘tools’ e.g. a knife, saw, drill, scissors etc… etc… but you can not use equipment not on the list, for example paint, string or glue — if not on the list of items to use.

Once you have finished your creation, simply take a picture and send it to us using the contact details found inside the jar. All entries are judged by us and the best ones aka ‘the most creative’ will be announced towards the end of the month and awarded one of the main prizes. Sometimes the jar competition can be extended. The jar will not reset until all major prizes have been claimed, if this happens you can still submit your entry for a prize — if you can not or do not want to do this however the forfeit code can be used to credit you with some salvage.

Please note however that using the forfeit code voids any chances of you winning any of the major prizes, so use it carefully.

Prize table

Top prize£100 (+3,000 salvage)
second place£40 (+2,000 salvage)
Third place4,000 salvage
Forth Place3,000 salvage
All others2,000 salvage
*Forfeit code1,500 salvage

We recommend you keep an eye on our forums so you can see how many major prizes are outstanding, if most of them have already been claimed it is best to wait for a jar reset where a new list will be issued.

If, for whatever reason you are unable to get your creation in on time, or the jar resets before you get it to us; your entry will still be valid and will yield you 2,000 salvage. There is strictly no limit to when you submit your entry to us, but we do recommend you take no longer than 1 – 2 weeks to give you a fair chance to win one of the main prizes.

Check out the creative jar

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