Everything you could possibly need!

Fancy a new Laptop? How about some cool looking jewelry, no? Then what about some new games — or perhaps a voucher to spend in your favorite stores? Well, we have that all here! Using salvage, which you earn by completing jars you can pretty much get all that plus much more!

How it works

JarOfSecrets.com is a new, and exciting take on the concept of the lottery. Instead of paying money for a ticket in the hope of winning something with a very very small chance – here you pay for a jar, all themed slightly differently. One jar may have you solving a challenging riddle, another jar will have you wondering the countryside in search of treasure while another jar tasks you with being creative as possible. Best of all, you are guaranteed to win something. That’s right, every jar will contain some salvage to spend on this website, plus — extra goodies and gadgets included for free too! No more walking away empty handed with a failed lotto ticket.

10% of the sale also goes directly to a charity of your choice. Simply select which charity is closest to your heart during checkout and we will do the rest. To take part simply go to check out with a jar of your choice. Remember if your stuck or need help you can use our forums or contact us directly.

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