What can I recycle through you?

‘Everything the law will allow us to take, we will take it — and reward you points for it. Old paint, oil, broken mirrors, food waste — you name it. We take it. 100% of everything you donate to us will be recycled or reused.’

How do I recycle through you?

‘At the moment, Eco-Earth will only be accepting waste from the Warwickshire area. We want to be realistic and ‘test’ the water before we tackle the UK as a whole. Eventually we will be working with the councils to have them deliver the rubbish to us directly (hopefully bringing down council tax as well) for now, small villages will be given a 2,000 liter ‘bin’ where you can drop off the rubbish manually.’

How long will it take to get my points awarded to my account?

‘Roughly between 1 – 3 weeks.’

What will I be able to get for my points?

‘All our crafts, salvaged / repaired gear will be in our shop . Everything from laptops and TVs to clothes and tables.’

Do my points expire?

‘No. Never!’

How do I sign up?

‘You can sign up to our service on our website (see top corner of this page). You will then be given a unique barcode (see ‘my account’ / ‘barcode’) this barcode should then be put on all rubbish bags you put in our bins. Please ensure it is secured either via tape, glue or string. Points will then be added once we have taken and processed your rubbish.

How many points can I expect?

It is hard to say. As a rule of thumb we go by weight and ‘quality’ of waste. Expect between 20 – 100 points for general waste and 10 – 40 for good waste. Anything of value (even if broken) such as TVs, laptops, old phones etc…. can yeld anywhere between 1,000 to 100,000 points.

How do you process things that can’t be recycled? (i.e. old paint)

‘We have a crafts center. Old paint can be processed into new paint and used in our crafts, old mirrors can be touched up into new mirrors — or used in crafts, spoiled milk & meat can be processed into diseal; while old carpets can be stripped down and compressed into bricks.’

Is Eco-Earth recruiting? How can I help?

‘We will be recruiting! But first we need to get the warehouse and bits of equipment we need to get Eco-Earth off the ground. In the meantime, we are still in the ‘work-in-progress’ stage of the project. When we do go live we will be looking for;

  • Creative people to work in our crafts center
  • Social media reps
  • Sorting operatives
  • website admin
  • customer support reps

So I put the barcode on my rubbish bins, how does the whole process work? 

‘In order to keep costs as low as possible, we do require you to do some manual sorting. In order to keep things simple for you we intend to have two bins. One being ‘food waste’ the other being ‘general waste’ i.e. tissue, paper, plastic etc… Our operatives will then manually scan the bag to credit your account, cut it open and sort through the contents on a conveyor belt. Food waste will be ‘sorted’ to remove anything that will attract rats — then be sent to be processed into compost. Recycled items, i.e. paper will be sold on to recyclers, anything that can’t be recycled (or sold) will be sent to our crafts center. In order to identify which bag contains food scraps and which bag contains general waste, we ask you to write on the barcode ‘food’ or ‘general’ to make our sorting process faster.’ 

What if I have a problem with my account / points? Or if my order has not arrived?

‘We will have a helpline number, email, live chat and a support team ready to help remedy any problems you may face.

Will I be able to see a record of my points and past orders?

‘Yes. All awarded / processed points, and all orders can be seen in your account area.’

How do I keep up-to-date with what Eco-Earth is doing? ‘We have a blog here, and also a Facebook page you can visit for regular updates.’

Have a question or concern? Feel free to shoot us a message!