Why isn’t styrofoam recycled?

Styrofoam, more commonly known as ‘blue board’ is a widely used material — typically used as padding material, though it can also be used as building insulation. You may have noticed that it is also not accepted by most recycling facilities, why is that? The short answer is — it can, but unfortunately most firms refuse it as there is no money to be made in recycling styrofoam.  The few places that do, typically do so at a loss which is why Styrofoam recycling hasn’t really taken off.

But there is some good news! Due to how versatile styrofoam is, planes have began using it in seating and for insulation due to the lightness of the material. This could be big news for styrofoam and may even oen up a big enough demand for recycling firms to begin accepting in the future. Until then, options for recycling styrofoam are extremely limited.

Due to how danagerous waste styrofoam can be to us, and the planet we recommend cutting its use back as much as possible; if you do need a packing material, there are plenty of eco alternatives you can pick from. In the meantime any styrofoam you do get from packing / delivery all you can reall do is try to re-use it.

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