Challenge Jar

£ 7


This jar tasks you with completing a list of 20 items, sounds simple? All the items are easy to get hold of but may require a bit of thinking to obtain. For example, a ‘red stone’ may be an item on the list,  which could be obtained by picking up a normal stone and painting it red.

A bit of creative thinking will be required to complete the list. Top prize is a sizzling £100 for the first person to complete the list! Remember the only rule is all items must fit inside the jar. Once all main prizes have been claimed this jar will reset with a new list of items. Winners will be announced via our Facebook page, so keep an eye on it to see which prizes are still up for grabs!

Jar contains100g random sweets, instructions / documents, random gift / gadget, Lip balm and free entry into our monthly raffle (details inside jar)



Prize Information

There is no time limit on these jars, and the prize table and jar will only reset once all main prizes have been claimed. Only one main prize can be won per household. Please be aware that once all main prizes have been claimed you can still use the forfeit code within the jar to be credited salvage. Using this code will forfeit your right to claim any of the main prizes so please be aware of this when using it!

To claim the prize, you must take a clear photo of all items and have your name displayed within the image. Then send this image to the email provided within the jar. If you are successful you will be notified and announced as the winner.

*Top prize will be awarded to the first person to complete the list, followed by the second prize for the second person etc.. etc… Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and contacted shortly after to collect their prize.

First person to complete list£100 (+3,000 salvage)
Second person to complete list£40 (+2,000 salvage)
Third person to complete list4,000 salvage
Forth person to complete list3,000 salvage
*All others2,000 salvage
*Forfeit code1,500 salvage


*winners will be asked for their sort code / account numbers to deposit the cash prizes, salvage will be awarded automatically to your account. Please allow 5 working days for us to process this.


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