Creative Jar

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How creative can you be? This jar contains a list of common bits of junk and rubbish you can find around the house and tasks you to build something, anything from that list. It could be a a handful of bottle lids, an old crisp wrapper or even a bin bag.

The only rule is your creation has to be made from the items on the list within this jar. To enter simply take a photo of your creation and email it to us (details inside jar) we will judge the best creations and give out the prizes every two months. The top prize is a whooping £100! but even if you don’t win any of the big prizes you still get to walk away with 3,000 salvage to spend on this site – plus all the other free goodies contained within this jar, so you literally can not lose!

Jar contains: 100g random sweets, instructions / documents, random gift / gadget, Lip balm and free entry into our monthly raffle (details inside jar)




Prize Information

Winners will be announced on the third of every second month, if this date falls on a weekend it will be the following working day. Once winners have been selected a new creative jar will enter circulation. Any ‘old’ jars that are not submitted by this time will not be entered into the competition, so please leave plenty of time (at least two weeks) if you would like to try.

*Any orders placed near the end (within 7 days) of the competition will not be processed until the winners have been announced for the current season and the jar competition is reset – this is to ensure everyone has plenty of time to take part.

Top prize£100 (+3,000 salvage)
second place£40 (+2,000 salvage)
Third place4,000 salvage
Forth Place3,000 salvage
All others2,000 salvage
*Forfeit code1,500 salvage


*winners will be asked for their sort code / account numbers to deposit the cash prizes, salvage will be awarded automatically to your account. Please allow 5 working days for us to process this.

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