Puzzle Jar

£ 7


Inside this jar we have created a very difficult and cryptic puzzle for you to solve. This can be anything from a riddle to a math problem. This jar is not for the faint of heart and is extremely difficult to solve. The top prize of £100 is up for grabs, awarded to the first person who can solve it. Think you are smart enough to find the answer? This jar will reset with a new puzzle once all main prizes are claimed, in such a case you can still redeem the code for salvage to spend on this website.

Jar contains100g random sweets, instructions / documents, random gift / gadget, Lip balm and free entry into our monthly raffle (details inside jar)



Prize Information

The puzzle / prizes will not reset until all main prizes have been claimed from the table below. If all main prizes are claimed you can still claim credit by using the ‘forfeit’ code found within the jar, this will credit your account with salvage – however doing so will forfeit your right to claim a main prize so please use it carefully.

To claim the prize simply navigate to the coupon page (details inside jar) and type in what you think the answer is. If correct you will be credited salvage to your account and be contacted (via email) within 2 – 5 working days where we will give ask for your sort code / account number to deposit the money.

First person to get answer£100 (+3,000 salvage)
Second person to get answer£20 (+2,000 salvage)
Third person to get answer£15 (+1,000 salvage)
Forth person to get answer6,000 salvage
*All others2,500 salvage
Forfeit code1,500 salvage


*winners will be asked for their sort code / account numbers to deposit the cash prizes, salvage will be awarded automatically to your account. Please allow 5 working days for us to process this.


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