Treasure Jar

£ 10


* You may need access to a car to find some of these chests. We hide chests within a 16 mile radius of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Please do not buy this jar if you do not live locally to this area. 

Our most popular jar – The treasure jar includes a map and a clue to help guide you to where we have hidden the chest. Can you find it? Each chest is unique to the jar. A lot of fun for kids / families and makes a great activity for those who like exploring or those who simply want to feel like a pirate. Top prize for this jar is £250 (5% chance). We randomize this by throwing in a top prize jar every time 500 orders are reached. Each jar guarantees a prize regardless if you find the jar or not!

Jar contains: 100g random sweets, instructions / documents, random gift / gadget, Lip balm and free entry into our monthly raffle (details inside jar)



Prize Information

To claim the prize you must combine the jar code (found inside the jar) with the chest code (found inside the chest) these two codes must then be sent to the email address (details inside jar) for us to process the prize. We hide these chests very well, however there maybe rare cases where the chest goes missing or is lost – unfortunately we are unable to plan for this and this is a risk you need to take onboard when ordering this jar. For this reason, a forfeit code is provided for those unable to find their hidden chest. To reduce this risk, please aim to set out within two days of getting your jar as we are unable to compensate for loss or damages.

Top prize (5% chance)£250 (+10,000 salvage)
Premium prize (8% chance)£200 (+9,000 salvage)
Gold prize (15% chance)£100 (+8,000 salvage)
Silver prize (22% chance)£50 (+7,000 salvage)
Bronze prize (25% chance)£25 (+6,000 salvage)
Tier 1 prize (30% chance)20,000 salvage
Tier 2 Prize (35% chance)18,000 salvage
Tier 3 prize (47% chance)10,000 salvage
Tier 4 prize (72% chance)8,000 salvage
Tier 5 prize (79% chance)6,000 salvage
Tier 6 prize (86% chance)4,000 salvage
Tier 7 prize (93% chance)3,000 salvage
*Forfeit code2,000 salvage

*winners will be asked for their sort code / account numbers to deposit the cash prizes, salvage will be awarded automatically to your account. Please allow 5 working days for us to process this.


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