In order to redeem codes you will need to create a new account

In order to redeem a jar code you will need two codes, the first code can be found inside the Jar and always starts in BT followed by 9 numbers: e.g. BT123456789. The other code depends on the jar.

  • For puzzle jars – Simply input what you think the answer is to the task, if correct salvage will be awarded. Main prizes will be given to the first 4 people to get the answer.
  • Treasure Jar – The code is obtained by combining the code found within the jar with the code found within the chest.
  • Challenge Jar – Full credit will be awarded when you submit a photo to us directly (details inside jar) via email.
  • Creativity Jar – Just like with the challenge jar, simple take a photo and send it to the details included inside the jar documentation.

On the event you are unable to complete the jar task you can redeem a ‘forfeit’ code (found inside the jar) which will credit you with salvage. Please note that doing this also forfeit your rights to win any outstanding prizes (if any remain)