In order to redeem codes you will need to create a new account on this website. We suggest you use the same details as on Jar Of Secrets

In order to redeem a jar code you will need two codes, the first code can be found inside the Jar and always starts in BT followed by 9 numbers: e.g. BT123456789. The other code depends on the jar.

  • For puzzle jars – The other half of the code is the answer to the brain teaser; for example if the answer is ‘water’ you will need to combine the jar code with the answer for example BT123456789Water (no spaces) if the codes are correct, and the answer is correct your account will be credited.
  • Treasure Jar – The other half of the code can be found inside the chest. You will need to find combine both codes in order to get full credit.
  • Challege Jar – Full credit will be awarded when you have posted the jar (with all the items on the list) no code is required. This will normally be done within 1 – 3 days of us getting the jar

On the event you are unable to complete the jar task you can redeem a ‘forfit’ code (found inside the jar) which will credit you with salvage. Please note that doing this also forfits your rights to win any outstanding prizes (if any remain)