JarOfSecrets.com can not process refunds on any goods brought using salvage. the only exception to this rule would be if JarOfSecrets.com had made an error in which case a salvage refund would be processed.

When buying Jars

You have the right to cancel or return any unused or unopened jar within 14 working days of the goods arriving. If you wish to return a jar outside of this time frame we may allow you to do so, but you would first need to contact us directly for us to process the request. Returning a jar outside of the 14 working day limit is possible but not guaranteed. We may decline your request so please ensure if you do want to return your jar the following conditions are met.

Return conditions

  • Within 14 working days of the jar arriving
  • The jar is unused and unopened
  • The jar is not damaged or broken
  • All contents of the jar have not been touched or tampered with

In the case that a jar arrives to you damaged, tampered or with missing contents please contact us immediately. You maybe eligible for a full refund or a free replacement. If you see any signs of tampering on the package when it arrives via the courier please do not accept the package from your courier / postman as this will void any possibility of making a claim.

Returning goods brought with salvage

In rare cases we may except a return with goods brought using salvage. However in most cases we can not, the only exception to this is if your goods arrive damaged or go missing, in which case a full salvage refund will be credited to your account. If you suspect tampering, or you see damage or signs of opening on the package it is important you reject the parcel from your courier. Failing to do so may make it harder to claim back compensation for damages / loss of goods.

Return conditions for salvage based goods

  • If item arrives damaged or missing content
  • Package does not arrive at all
  • Package is late

We do not accept returns on services aka ‘digital’ goods unless they do not arrive / data is lost, this is rare – but in the off chance this does happen a refund will be issued or a partial refund if you are happy for the work to be re-done.

If you suspect tampering, damage or have a concern then please do contact us on Support@JarOfSecrets.com so we can look into the issue ASAP.