How does Salvage work?

Salvage is a digital currency used on this website to buy physical or non-physical goods. It can be viewed in the top left hand corner of the website as shown in the screenshot below. Earned salvage never expires and can only be refunded in rare cases; i.e. if your package / order does not arrive, is incorrect or damaged.

Salvage can only be earned via special promotions (i.e. promo codes), by completing jars. or by doing specific tasks; for example logging in, will earn you 1 free salvage (once per day). It has no real world value and can only be used to exchange for goods on this website. 

You can view your account history in the ‘my account‘ section (link can be found on the menu at the very top, next to your salvage balance)  this will tell you the status of any pending orders, the cost and any previous orders as well.

Your salvage balance is unique to you, we advice you not to share account details with anyone as we will not be able to refund orders placed in error. If you suspect someone else is using your account, please reset your password immediately and let us know so we can investigate and cancel any pending orders.

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