Treasure Jar – what you need to know

Once an order has been placed for the treasure jar, our team here at JarOfSecrets get hard at work randomly picking a spot within a 16 mile radius of Stratford Upon Avon to hide a ‘chest’. We always aim to hide these chests in scenic public footpaths, normally in countryside or woodland areas. Please only buy this jar if you are local to the west midlands area as do not provide transport, and getting to some of these locations without a car will be difficult — more so if you are not local to this area.

We then create a map with a few clues and send these to you (as well as a few other goodies) inside a glass jar. The game is-afoot, when you get the jar as the moment you open the lid you become a real life treasure hunter! Your task from here is to try and locate the hidden chest using the map and clues to do so. Once you do find the chest, inside will be a unique code which you combine with the code in your jar and enter on our ‘redeem code‘ page

The prizes for finding the chest vary and are mostly based on luck, but will always contain the minimum of at least 3,000 salvage. However cash prizes can be won (up to £250) the way we calculate this is based on the number of jars hidden as a rough guide one jar out of every 300-500 will have a top cash prize code inside. Jars which contain a cash prize work the same way, and will award salvage but you will also be contacted (within 3 – 5 working days) by us when we see on our system that the code has been redeemed. We will then ask you for your bank details to deposit the funds.

Prize Table

Top prize (5% chance)£250 (+10,000 salvage)
Premium prize (8% chance)£200 (+9,000 salvage)
Gold prize (15% chance)£100 (+8,000 salvage)
Silver prize (22% chance)£50 (+7,000 salvage)
Bronze prize (25% chance)£25 (+6,000 salvage)
Tier 1 prize (30% chance)20,000 salvage
Tier 2 Prize (35% chance)18,000 salvage
Tier 3 prize (47% chance)10,000 salvage
Tier 4 prize (72% chance)8,000 salvage
Tier 5 prize (79% chance)6,000 salvage
Tier 6 prize (86% chance)4,000 salvage
Tier 7 prize (93% chance)3,000 salvage
*Forfeit code2,000 salvage

*Cash winners will be asked for their sort code / account number upon redeeming the full code.

Check out the Treasure Jar

If you can not complete the jar, you can use the ‘Forfeit code’ inside the jar, this will award you salvage but also prevent you from claiming any other prizes so please use this carefully!

  • We can not offer refunds if you are unable to locate the chest and ask that you use the code provided (forfeit code)
  • We can not offer advice or help if you are struggling to find the chest.
  • We are unable to compensate for loss or damage to either the chest or the jar (unless the jar arrives to you damaged, in which case a full refund will be granted)
  • You may request a refund within 14 working days only if you have not used or opened the jar.

The code does not expire, however we strongly suggest you aim to set out and find the chest ASAP as they may get misplaced, damaged or taken – even though we hide these chests well we are unable to plan for these events.

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