What do I get inside the jars?

We have a total of four jars, all themed slightly differently and all a great means of earning salvage to use on this website to buy a variety of things. Each jar has a top prize which yields a cash payout and salvage and several other small prizes which award salvage payouts. Its worth noting that three jars are seasonal; this means that you are competing with everyone else who buys that jar which is tied to the same task / challenge, these jars will not reset until all main prizes are claimed.

The only jar that is unique to you is the treasure jar, which tasks you with finding a chest within a 16 mile radius of Stratford Upon Avon. These chests are linked to that specific jar so you do not need to worry about competition.

Each jar contains

  • A free entry into the monthly raffle
  • Roughly 100g of random sweets
  • Seasonal lip balm – normally in the form of a stick but can also be in a tub too. The type and brand will change every now and then based on what we have at hand and what sort of relationship / arrangement we have with the brand.
  • A small gift from us — which can range from a a free salvage coupon to a physical gift such as a themed pen, a poster or even a multi USB charger to name a few.
  • A gadget or useful tool – such as; nail clippers, mini screwdriver set, penknife, cooking tool etc… etc… These vary greatly and normally we stick to the same gift for a month or two before it changes to something new.
  • Documents and instructions – These will be different for each jar but in a nut shell they tell you what you need to do, and how to do it as well as tell you about the rules etc.. etc…

Remember that there is no guarantee you will get the ‘extras’ that you want as it is all randomized, the only thing that will stay the same is the jar task / challenge. We do not accept requests as this would make it 10x more complicated / time consuming to process orders.

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