The problem

The world is desperately crying out for creative thinkers, bold, brave people who are not afraid to challenge the current agenda. These are the people who discover great things. As children we naturally embrace creative thinking and are not afraid to take risks and try new things. Unfortunately life seems hell bent on making things organized, logical, safe and repetitive. It kills off our creative spirit and with it new and exciting ideas are lost, ideas that have the potential to solve huge huge global issue we struggle with today.

People have become too mechanically minded. Automating their life and work, we strive for the easy solution and rarely stretch out to take risks or be daring. We want to encourage people to be creative to revive that sleeping spirit, to be a child again and have fun!

Our solution is a new take on the lottery. Not only is everyone a winner here at (regardless if you get the main prizes or not, you always get something) the only way you can win any of the top prizes is not based on luck (only exception to this is the treasure jar, which is luck based) it is based on how you tackle a problem. Our jars challenge you to think outside the box, be playful and above all — have fun! Instead of paying for a lottery ticket or entering a paid for competition with an extremely low chance to win, here you pay for a jar – loaded with goodies and treats and a bit of salvage too (currency for this website)

Our jars in a nutshell

  • Challenge Jar – Tasks you with collecting a list of common household items, some of which will require you to think a little differently.
  • Creative Jar – Tasks you with creating something, anything from a list of junk (common household items) with top prizes going to the most creative / ambitious designs.
  • Puzzle Jar – Tasks you with solving an extremely complex puzzle
  • Treasure Jar – Tasks you with finding a hidden chest in the local area

We give out our digital currency ‘Salvage‘ to everyone taking part, plus a free gadget, sweets and much more — which we put inside every jar. We also have cash prizes we give out every month to the top performers of each jar.

You can also pick and choose what charity you want to support in the drop down menu before checkout, 10% of the sale will go directly to that charity fund.

Our promise to you

We aim to be as transparent, fair and honest as possible by regularly keeping you in the loop on updates, concerns or issues you may raise with us privately or publicly and to engage with you as often as possible via our social connections. We aim to keep everything secure, safe and private. All our products are carefully vetted and selected to ensure anything you do buy with us using salvage is to a standard worthy of the queen herself.