JarOfSecrets is always happy to welcome new partners. We offer a range of services; from advertising and promoting to getting your products / services listed with us and expanding your audience. Sound like something your interested in? Get in touch with your inquiry and our team will work out an arrangement based on your needs.

Advertising with us

We can arrange to have a promotional flyer (A5 or A4) put inside every jar we sell. The contents is up-to you however we kindly ask you be considerate when designing your promotional material as it maybe viewed by younger children, for this reason any excessive swearing or inappropriate imagery will be rejected.

We can also place a small banner on our website for potential customers to click on that can redirect customers or clients to your website or offers page. If either of these services sounds like something you or your company would be interested in feel free to contact us for more details.

Free promotion / advertising

Charities and other non profits can benefit from a discounted service. However those looking for a free service may use our forums where they can advertise their product / service for free. Please however be considerate when using the forums to promote your business / charity / event and keep spam to a minimum. Stick to only one thread and reserve thread ‘bumping’ to a maximum of once per week.

A career with JarOfSecrets

Fancy working with us? Keep an eye out on our blog as this is where we will post if looking for someone to join us. Alternatively you can send us your CV in advance to Jobs@JarOfSecrets.com and we will hold onto it for future reference and may contact you if we think you would be a good fit when an opening pops up in our company.